Free Wireless Phones for Low Income

Most people on a fixed income including seniors and people just having a hard time financially, look for free wireless phones for low income people.

In fact, free cell phones for people on limited incomes are becoming rather popular today because of all of the benefits under what is better known as the Lifeline program, enacted by the government first under the Reagan Administration. Though some people refer to these phones as Obama phones, they are not. In fact, though the funding is subsidized from the federal government, and then managed at the state level. Many wireless companies have set asides under the Universal Service Administration (USAC), which helps further lower the cost of a cell phone so that the a senior or low income person can have the cell phone for free.

Programs like Safelink and Assurance wireless have been around for a while now. These programs are becoming ever more popular, because frankly having a cell phone can be rather expensive. Did you know that the cost of a cell phone bill averages around $50 dollars a month or more for basic service. Imagine what you could do with $50 dollars or more a month in your pocket. This money could be better spent on food or other utility services in your home.

So that’s where absolutely free mobile phone service comes in. You get 250 minutes a month to use as you wish. And these minutes show up every month. Some companies like Safelink Wireless even have programs where you can roll over your minutes monthly to add on and have additional minutes for your use.

 What are the Features of Safelink Wireless and Assurance Wireless?:

Assurance and Safelink wireless have awesome features too that are also free. They include the following for free:

  1. Cell Phone
  2. Customer Service calls
  3. 911 Calls
  4. 250 free minutes a month
  5. Call Waiting
  6. Voice mail
  7. Three Way Calling

All you have to do is to go on to Assurance  Wireless or Safelink Wireless’ website and make sure you qualify. You’ll be asked to put in your zip code and then you’ll make sure you meet one of the requirements which could include Food Stamps, Free Lunch Program, Section 8, Medicaid and in many cases low income as well.

As you can see free wireless phones for low income is totally possible under the Assurance and Safelink Wireless programs, give them a call today.