Yourtel Phone Company – Another Free Mobile Phone Option for Kansas,Illinois, Missouri, Oklahoma, Washington and Rhode Island

The Yourtel Phone Company (owned by Terracom Wireless) is another free cell phone mobile option if you live in: Illinois, Missouri, Oklahoma, Kansas, Washington State or Rhode Island and qualify for this low income cell phone program for poor people.

And if you reside in the states above, you have even more options, and not just the popular Safelink Wireless, Assurance or even Budget Mobile.

Don’t get me wrong Safelink, Assurance and Budget are great no cost cell phone options (even with their 250 free cell phone minutes a month plan), but Yourtel has some really unique values that you should seriously consider, especially if you live in their coverage areas.

Everyone likes to have options when it comes to mobile phone companies. And you probably already know that cell phones and mobile phone plans can be expensive, even the cheap ones. Did you know that the average cell phone bill could end up costing you nearly $50 dollars a month or more? And you probably also know that many people pay way more than $50 dollars a month, because texting and other related data plans can be costly. And unfortunately overages are real and could land you in serious financial trouble. Who wants those kinds of issues, when you can get a cell phone for free with no strings attached?

Top 5 Reasons that Yourtel Wireless is the Best Free Cell Phone Company Around

There are some really great attributes to this free mobile phone company. I’ll list the top 5.

1.     Tribal Cell Phone Plan for Oklahoma Residents

If you live in Oklahoma and qualify under their tribal phone plan, you may be able to get 1000 free minutes for just $1. Typically you will need to be of Native American ancentry and be able to certify this status, then you could benefit from this really great cell phone deal.

2.     Flexibility with Yourtel Wireless

Yourtel Wireless has a lot of flexibility. Let’s face it, not everyone wants or needs 250 minutes a month like the more popular free mobile phone plans. Sometimes all you need 68 minutes or even 125 minutes, especially if you are a senior and don’t require that much mobile talk time. The downside is that you do have to pay for text messaging. Hey, I still must give an honest review. But the good thing about it is that its only .03 cents per text message. Though some entry level free cell phone government programs do allow for some free text messaging, .03 cents is also a great budget option as well if you’re on a fixed income and still need a free mobile phone.

3.     Oklahoma Unlimited Lifeline Program

For just $6.20 per month, you can get on this Lifeline program. You can even as minutes as you go if needed, to avoid your phone from being turned off when you run out of minutes.

Applying for a Yourtel Wireless Phone:

You’ll need to meet at least ONE of the below requirements.

  • Section 8
  • Medicaid
  • Social Security
  • Food Stamps
  • Or low income: be below 135% to 150% of the poverty level.

Yourtel Wireless
401 E. Memorial Road
Suite 400
Oklahoma City, OK 73114
Customer Service Number: 1-877-388-1082